Mia and Macy

Today was a first for Macy, she had a halter on for the first time, she shook her head over and over and cocking those ears at the jingle of the rings. Once she accepted it she was introduced to pressure and gave easily left and right, forward was a different story, but with me walking at her side and a little pressure with my hand at her tail she walked forward and around their stall with me. The next was the lead across her back legs and she came forward again with me at her side. Enough of a lesson for today she then had a little grooming along with Mom and out to their turn out. Macy had discovered rearing and bucking and had quite a fun time in the turnout while Mia focused on eating. Macy is checking out hay herself trying to eat with those 4 little teeth, but with legs too long to reach the ground it is funny to watch her try and graze. She has grown already and more beautiful by the day. Mia is a wonderful mom and such a beautiful mare. It is hard to believe she is a maiden mare as tolerant as she is of all handling of herself and her foal. It will be a lucky person who will adopt these two, meanwhile we get to shower them with lots of love and attention.