welcome to April

April is here already, it seems we just started this new year and here we are in the 4th month.

This first day is a special one for Mesha, and on it we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
Thank you Mesha for all of your talent and hard work on our website. Much of the design and upkeep is thanks to her skill and dedication.

We quite expected to have a new baby by this month but Momma Mia has kept us waiting. We are hoping this week...

Our new guy Quinn is settled in well, he receives frequent visits to his barn by the herd who stand by and keep him company. We will continue on his ground work as weather permits.

Many thanks and much appreciation goes to Vicki this week, she has been a trouper helping with feedings this week, undeterred by wind or rain. We are hoping this next week brings much sunshine for assessments and continued work and training of the horses.