news and updates

This last week proved to be another busy one, meeting new people who are joining our efforts and of course work on the ranch. We had visitors big and small and enjoyed some sunshine. The past few days have been rainy weather and under the weather ones for myself as I have had the flu. Thank you very much, Linda,Tiffany,Tanya,Vicki and Joey for taking care of the horses while I have been unable. Thank you too to Mesha who is doing daily or more frequent checks on Mia and her "any day now" foal in waiting.
We are looking forward to having some very experienced hands to be working with some of our horses, I look forward to introducing these trainers each to you all, and seeing our horses preparing for their new homes. A few pictures to share...

Christian gave hugs to Tina
Orian rode Bree and but shared some love with Shelby

Leiloni had no fear, loved the "brown horsey" the best, Shelby just walked over and enjoyed some pets from this future horse girl. Leiloni is only 2 years old

Shelby (above) is looking great, as is Emma (below)
Both are shedding our to the liver chestnut, seen more on Emma
Tanya was giving some exercise to Emma and Shelby came for a visit
and Miss Kay had some more ground work