a new week...

This new week will be a very busy one for us. Despite the rain we need to get one building down off site and then up on site. Another two need the roofs on. Please let us know if you can help for a few hours. Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be our focus days. We are so looking forward to having these major projects done.... then we can think of a covered work area for the horses.
Prep is underway too for our fundraiser, if you want to help that weekend -April 23/24 please contact us.
We are still in waiting for Mama Mia, no baby yet.
Quinn is a little restless, he want to run with the big boys, but not just yet. He lets us handle him a fair bit, he is very curious when we come to see him, more work with him this week as the weather permits.
Emma is feeling a bit better, moving much better. She was kicked last week and is on bute and prophylactic antibiotics for pain and swelling on that knee, she is shedding out more to the prettiest liver chestnut color.
Shelby is now shedding out, a good sign for a cushings horse, she too looks to have a liver chestnut undercoat. She has joined up with Bree out in pasture, seeing as her buddy Emma is confined.
That's all for now, more pictures and updates this week.