latest happenings

Finally an update from the ranch, between weather and computers life has been a challenge as of late,schedule changes, appointments postponed and mud galore again.

Mia had a quick check from the vet, a good sized baby due any time, we are hoping for this weekend.

Our little boy Quinn is doing well, learning he can indeed stand on 3 legs, and as well was introduced to a blanket. These guys look so little until they show their power, at first he ran away from the scary blue thing then after a bit decided it was a good place to hide and kept putting his head underneath and tossing it around.

We have several trainers who will be donating some hours to the rescue to work with our horses so that they can be ready for a new home, and possibly able to continue training with their new owners.

Kalib and Shadow had a visitor and a possible new home, as well Sugar Ann should be going to her new home soon.

We have several new volunteers, welcome to you all and thank you for our regulars, we are grateful for your time and efforts. We are having a volunteer weekend and hope to get much accomplished, Please email us and join our efforts. We are looking forward to having the big projects done, of course chores are always there.

Sunshine is forecast for the weekend... come join us at the ranch!