Baby watch continues!

Mia, our mare due in 'late Feb/early March' is still holding onto that little colt (or filly) so today some research went into finding a foaling prediction kit which of course no one carries locally, it turns out a spa test strip may give us just what we need so along with many checks on Mia we're trying this to see how it goes.

1 pack of 4 in 1 spa test strips (we care about calcium ppm and perhaps Ph)
distilled water ( took three stops to find this by the gallon, note we need 3ml per test ;) )
milk collection container ( small cup or shot glass )
syringe for measurement
syringe to mix/dip test strip (using child dosing syringe with cap)

Test 1 results show 100ppm and 8.0Ph (we're looking for 250+ppm and ph at 7 or below)

We're also prepping for Mama and baby to come home to the rescue, another pasture was put up on Friday giving us 2 with a 3rd planned. Our barn continues to move further along and we have another 2 stall building we hope to get on site very soon.