A quick update on our happenings. It has been a busy few days, but I'm back to share.
We are still waiting on Momma Mia, signs of getting closer but still no baby.
Yesterday we had a new girl join the herd. Sterling is a very much loved Mare, but her owner was unable to keep her due to physical and financial reasons. She is well trained and full of energy. We will enjoy her for the short time we will have her, I anticipate she will find a home quickly.
Duke welcomes Sterling to the ranch

Our Morgan girls are doing wonderful, Emma is shedding out to the prettiest liver chestnut. These two never wander far from each other.
Construction is coming along. Our barn pad should be ready for the barn this weekend, we have some sand in out new arena and our volunteer list is growing.Thank you all so much, we need you!!
If you are local and want to be involved on a regular basis please contact us. We are looking for individuals to help with fund raising, adoption applications (pre and post)and volunteer co-ordinator.