sunshine and smiles

Today was a beautiful day, sunshine with the promise for more. We are looking forward to seeing major work on our site this week. During our planning talks we took little Tina for a walk. She enjoyed a turnout on our 40ft round pen, not much space for some but when you are only 26" tall it's more than enough!! There was a run and roll, then a run, and a roll, another and finally one more roll just to be sure there isn't a clean spot on her..... You can't help but laugh at her antics, a mini mini who thinks she's a big horse, throwing her head and giving an attitude even our Hanoverian Lordy (at almost 17 Hands)
We are looking forward to the new week, more sunshine and evaluations for the Morgan girls and Sierra, time to see what they know. More pictures soon I promise.... right after I buy more batteries!!