rain, hail and snow???

It was a cold one today, the wind trying to destroy our "easy up".... not so easy to come down since it was twisted about last week. So now we have it up until mother nature blows it down the hill. We had rain and some hail and they predict snow tomorrow at our elevation, almost 1000 ft above sea level. The weather man has been wrong before let's hope so again.
Meanwhile blankets are on and pellets replace our hay. Many many thanks to Vickie, a wonderful new volunteer who is helping with feeding even on these cold and wet days.
We have met so many wonderful volunteers these past 4 weeks, you all know I am bad with names, but am so grateful for your time and efforts. I hope you can all come back to join us in 2 weeks. We will continue to work on the many projects to complete our set up as well as routine maintenance and care of the horses.
With the list of knowledgable horse people growing I expect to see great strides with the horses as well. If you are interested in working with the horses please email us to learn more. In particular we need individuals who can come 2-4 hours a week to work with several of the horses. This is hands on care/handling that ranges from grooming to groundwork and riding. We require you to have horse experience as the supervision is not always one to one.
Next week brings out potential adopters for Sterling, Sugar and Shadow.
We are also still waiting on Mia, now hoping she holds that baby in until monday morning as I am working through until then, but Tuesday works for me Mia!!! We'll let all know as soon as the little one arrives.