Our second Disney day.... a sunny Sunday

Today was a full day of activities. Our main one was relocating pens. It was amazing how fast it went , with all the great help we had it seemed to go up in a flash. One minute they were taking down the old....
laying out the new pens , (which had to be inspected by occupents of course).

They made it look easy, but I know those 24ft panels are not light...
One minute they were working on the first pen...
the next it was done. What a fantastic job!!!!
Across the road the larger pen was going up beside the temporary pens
Behind which is the horses favorite hill.
The next group made short work of the small turnout... those are 7 foot T posts!, these 3 as well were amazing... even the next step of rolling out the field fence and fastening the wire was completed today.
Our rest area had a fire pit started-it will be so nice for the chilly evenings we so frequently have
many more hands did much more like cleaning pens, tack and of course horses.
Isn't Duke is a handsome boy all cleaned up.
Bree and Tina were stars, greeting all and getting treats, Bree trying to share Shannons lunch,
and Tina, well she thought she would just help herself.
It was a treat for us to have all these helping hands, and to meet such wonderful people... We can't thank you enough and look forward to having you back...
Most of all, thank you from the horses, we can't do what we do without help from people like you.