old electronics = new Hay!!!

We have had the first income from our recycling project.Yeah!!! One doesn't normally think of hay when you look at old electronics gathering dust, but we will from now on! Thanks to recycled computers and the like, we have our hay fund underway. Please contact us with any old electronics you no longer have a use for. Rather than paying a disposal fee, recycle them through us and help feed our horses this year. Working or not, computers, monitors, cables, printers, cell phones even printer cartridges are accepted. Help keep these items out of the land fill and support the rescue. Look for drop off days and times on our calender or call us to arrange alternative times.

We are currently accepting new volunteers to help with our projects, experience is not needed, just enthusiasm and a desire to help the horses. Contact us to learn more.
Also needed individuals that are handy with both still and video cameras. We want to show off our herd! All have their individual personalities and special traits, come on over and meet them for yourself, we would love to have you!.