looking good!!!

It has been a very busy time at the rescue with another weekend with wonderful volunteers.
We set up new corrals and got a good start on the new barn. We also got a good start on dismantlement a building donated to us. Many many thanks to Stephani. This is a a few of our many wonderful volunteers.

The horses check out what rooms they liked best and did a preliminary walk through.
We also had a wonderful ride on Sterling, she is a beautiful mare who is well trained. Riding Sterling is Caitlin, one of our volunteers.
As well we had the late night arrival of Quinn. He was a colt in very poor health who was rescued but then abandoned at the stable when the man could not afford the care for him. Quinn was brought back to health by Joanne and Kathryn. Kathryn works with the rescue and has started his training which will continue here at the ranch until he finds his new home.