a little event before our weekend's events

This day was packed full of exciting events... our barn pad is well underway and one step closer to completed. Soon to be followed by our new 4 stall barn (well not new but new to us.... it will be so nice to see it together vs apart).

We hope in time for Mia to come home to with her foal, (maybe that's why she is still hanging on to that little one?? getting bigger by the day mama!) she's waiting for her home to be ready... we're working on it Mia, almost there!!! Still working on those names so send in your suggestion.

Our evening was well spent as guests of the San Ramon Valley Horseman's association. Their evening event included dinner and presentations by several non-profit horse groups including ourselves. It was a great opportunity to share with many our purpose and goals here at Lone Oak Rescue. We met many wonderful people as well as other non-profit groups and heard about their programs as well. We look forward to more meetings like these and working together helping both horses and the community. Please be sure to check our events calender and resource page to learn more about these groups yourself and learn what you can do to promote horsemanship and charity within our communities. A special thank you to Linda for organizing the event and inviting us to present.
As well a big thank you to Sonrise Equestrian Foundation for the donation of tickets to the Wine and Equine Festival. It is an annual fundraiser to support their program and we are delighted to be the winners of the ticket drawing. We are looking forward to attending their event.
Please watch for updates on our calender and the local corral section for post various community events. Please feel free to email us with any events you would like to see listed.
Looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday and meeting all the volunteers who are spending time with us this weekend.