Febuary promises sweet sites!

February promises to be a full month with sites to warm my heart.... sites are under preparation for our 3 new structures. One an 8 stall mare motel and the other a 4 stall enclosed barn as well as an enclosed hay/grain storage barn. None of these construction projects could be possible without the generous help of Joey Mingoia, so many thanks go his way.
Also expected in the next few weeks is the arrival of Mia's foal, we are excited for the day and our vet says to expect a healthy term foal.
What are we having? a cute colt?? a sweet filly??? we don't know! We will be starting a name pool so help us with some suggestions. Watch for the name list, it will be posted on the website.
Our newest arrivals Shelby and Emma and in good spirits, eating well, greeting everyone who approaches. We are building a turnout for them, as their physical condition will keep them out of the main herd for several months. We especially need a barn mom/dad for these two, please contact us if you are interested. We expect they both will make good family horses.
One other expected arrival, a 6 month old colt. Look for names and photos coming soon!