Busy, busy, busy....

This week has been a busy and productive week. We feel like it's Christmas here at the rescue.

Our new 'old' barn was delivered (Yeah!), once our ground leveling is complete and the sun returns we'll be rounding up volunteers to have a barn raising day.
Thank you to Mike for helping us with this great find. The 4 stall enclosed barn will be our new home for Mia and her foal when they come home (both are available for adoption) , as well as another young colt who will be coming to the rescue once the barn is up.

A visit to recently adopted Miss Valentine at her new home. She is settling in very well enjoying her new home and attention.

Yesterday was a busy day on the road, with a wonderful visit with Lynn, and the wonderful ladies down at Pregnant Mare Rescue. We are grateful for you generous donation of tack and stable supplies, look for a new King saddle on our sale page, thanks to Lynn's kind heart. Please be sure to watch her site to see the new arrivals. We hope all goes well with Gem, and are looking forward to seeing the new baby !

Next was a trip up the road to Anne. Anne, you continue to amaze us! Your knowledge, experience and warm heart makes us want to pack you up and keep you as a valued part of the rescue.

Anne's donations have provided our rescue with much needed supplies and enough blankets to get the herd through the cold spells. We had the pleasant surprise of meeting several other women at Dragonfly Farms in San Martin who also provided generous donations. Garnett, you are an amazing artist and I hope to feature some of your work on our site. Look for the beautiful saddles donated by Margie to be featured on our sale page soon.