August 1 2017

July has been a busy month for us and we are busy preparing for the fall months. Getting Hay is our priority right now. Adoptions are the main part of our fund drive and we are happy to say we have had several horses go to new homes. All Of our TIP program horses and been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Congratulations to Sue, Lexy, Stacy on your new horses. 
We have also have  several other mustangs available for adoption.

Pending adoptions include our auction rescue mustang Cody, and a BLM mustangs Amber and  Red Cloud. All funds from these adoptions are going towards the hay purchase for the year. 

We still have a need for adoptions and donations to make our $6000 hay bill. Your contributions are greatly needed and tax deductible, please help us ensure the horses will have plenty of hay this winter by donating to Lone Oak Rescue through the donation link.

We are continuing to bring in mustangs, adopting/gentling BLM mustangs and re-homing them with a small fee that helps the rescue continue to do its work.

Pictured below are the current horses available for adoption through the rescue

Ace is a  mustang yearling, new to the rescue and here for gentling. he will be available post gentling.

Beau is a 2 1/2 yr old mustang gelding, he leads and is loves attention, he continues to learn more every day.
Duke and his buddy Dutchess are both flea bitten Arabians available for adoption, both are well broke and Dutchess is suitable for a kids horse as she is gentle and well trained.

 Jack is Nevada range mustang available for adoption, suitable for a small rider, needs to continue training, but is now under saddle and doing well at the walk and trot. 
Phoenix is a courtesy listing,he is a big boy, a half Arab/Quarter horse, he is 8 yrs old, well broke and a great trail horse
Red Cloud is a  BLM yearling mustang in for gentling and re-assignment, his training fee will go to the hay fund of the rescue
***Adoption pending***

Cody is a mustang rescued from auction, he is broke to ride and drive
*** adoption pending***
Amber is a titled BLM mustang , Adoption pending

Hawk is adopted and gone home with Lexy
Grayson has been adopted and gone out to his new home

Rose is gentled and has been adopted by Stacy

Dancer is a new BLM mustang here for gentling and has been adopted

June 2017

The months have been flying by and here we are half way through the year already.  As always we are short on helping hands, funds and time as we juggle our paying jobs with our non paying work. Our mission continues to do our part bringing horses to a safe place. We are dedicated to making a difference one horse at a time. Weather it be a horse who has found its way to animal control, dumped at an auction, forgotten in a pasture or just a result of families having to make hard choices, we will do our best to help, through rehab and retraining and finding them a new home.  As I went through the hundreds of photos for this blog entry I am flooded with years of memories, of the over 100 horses our few hands have rescued and recovered from countless horrid conditions. Not all of our stories have happy endings, but the ones that do far exceed the ones that came to us too late, and it makes me push on. The rescue is still very much in need and we strive to make our small ranch better with each project and know that one day the big projects will be done, meanwhile we fit in what time and funds allow and put our horses as our priority.
These past few weeks we have been very busy bringing in several new horses. We have several mustangs who are being gentled and will then be ready to be started under saddle as well as others who are being restarted.

Chloe loves attention and greets us when we approach the barn. She is a 7 year old BLM mare who loves people.
Beau pokes his head out of the stall window and waits patiently for his hay but especially enjoys helping himself when you bring it in. He is a 2 year old BLM gelding

Our yearlings have made great progress,
 Hawk has been adopted and gone out to her new mom.

 She is joining Amber
 who is being fostered but likely being adopted as well since she has won Lexy's heart! 

Grayson is completing his requirements and has an adopter waiting to take him home, where he will join another BLM mustang, Spirit who has come through our TIP program.

 Rose has taken quite some time to warm up to people but we are happy to say she has finally come around and is bonding with her new owner Stacy. 

Duke with Lexy

Our matching Arabians Duke and Dutchess have joined the herd and enjoying running in back pasture. We would prefer they be adopted together. Duke has been back under saddle for a refresher and is doing well.

 Our latest auction rescue has turned out to be a sweetheart, he is still acclimating to the herd after his quarantine period but has proven himself to already be a quiet leader in the pasture. He is thought to be broke to ride and drive, we will be starting from the ground and reviewing the basics as it has been years but so far we are in love

Also available and back under saddle is our mustang Jack
Jack under saddle with Lexy

Adopted out together are Maggie and Dusty,
They have both found a local home where they are loved and spoiled.

Adonis  in Yosemite

This spring we had to say goodbye to two of our favorites long time herd members, 
Adonis and Teddy. We will miss them dearly but find comfort in knowing we gave them their last several years full of love and attention. Rest in peace sweet boys
Teddy giving the kids a ride

We were lucky to be a part of a friends children's school report on non-profits, where our littlest herd members were featured. They got lots of TLC and enjoyed the attention!
our mini herd enjoying the sun
We are making a concerted effort to help the many mustangs who are in holding pens. These horses too need to have that chance at a better life. They may not be suffering abuse nor at risk of slaughter, but they are there without their own person, just waiting to be chosen and blossom into wonderful partners. These horses are truly clean slates with the right training their abilities can take you into most any discipline. We can help you find your new equine partner and complete the gentling process. There are countless colors and sizes to choose from. All adoptions through our TIP program are a joint program through the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation. The application process and adoption fee of $125 is through the BLM, we can assist you through the approval process and choosing the right horse. We will transport your choice to the rescue where we will then gentle your new equine partner. Please consider one of these wonderful horses if you are looking for a new project.

As always we appreciate your input, suggestions and most of all your time.
Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook, phone or email.
 We look forward to having you join our efforts at
 Lone Oak Rescue

Febuary 2017

We are happy to say we have completed another 2 mustangs TIP training and have sent them out with their new owner. The funds from their training are being directed to grain and supplements for the new rescues as well as our last farrier cycle which was over $500. In addition the funds will help purchase building supplies for the new solid round pen. We have one more of this bunch of TIP horses who has made great progress and expect he will soon be ready to go to his new home as well

We will be accepting 2 new horses into the TIP program at Lone Oak rescue in the upcoming weeks, if you are interested please contact us so we can match your preferences if possible.

Along with upcoming mustangs we have several horses available for adoption, from rescues to courtesy listing with a portion of their sale donated to the rescue.
We have also taken in two new rescues, both Arabians and quite bonded. The mare is quite underweight but otherwise healthy. The gelding is younger and simply in need of conditioning.

Remember to follow us on Facebook for daily updates and photos.

Welcome 2017

We are happy to welcome 2017, and look forward to a year of good things!. A lot has happened in 2016, and is time to catch everyone up! The construction and clean up of the new property has taken much more time and money then planned, and we've had many delays from personal injuries and recovery, but are now back on track and moving forward. We might not be cosmetically and functionally complete but we've made good progress.

We have the arena and round pens in place. We have a separate quarantine area for new intakes, two at a time, and we have a mustang barn and custom pens for the mustang program.

The red barn has been upgraded to the mustang facility, complete with custom 7 ft corrals.

It is a key component to the mustang program we started participating in last June. We are taking in unhanded mustangs from the BLM (Bureau of land management ) and through the Mustang Heritage Foundation are TIP training these mustangs so they are ready for adoption. They come to us unhandled and are gentled and trained to lead, groom, tied, load and pickup their feet. They are then available through the Mustang Heritage Foundation to adopt for a fee of $125. The fee received from the TIP training, is donated to the rescue for the care of these and all the horses at Lone Oak.

Nevada and Levi were the first two horses to come through the TIP program here at Lone Oak. They have both been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Emmett was next, he has been adopted and will go out following his farrier visit. Cassanova and Spirit were the last two, both are still at the rescue but have pending adopters, Cass is almost finished his training, and Spirit is still early in the gentling process.  If you are interested in adoption a mustang and having us do the TIP training please contact me. we will have openings in February.

We have yet to rebuild our 8 stall barn which was relocated to make room for the arena, unfortunately our helpers had a personal crisis so it was delayed and now we are delayed further due to weather. It and our hay barn repairs are the two major projects for this spring.

We are also constructing a solid round pen to aid in gentling the mustangs and for first rides on the horses in training.

We currently have numerous senior horses who will live out their lives here as well as a slow but steady influx of rescues and mustangs. We always in need extra hands for care and maintenance of horses and of course the fun office work behind the scenes. We really need another hand to help with the computer blog and Facebook updates, computer knowledge is essential. We ask for your support in any way you are able, financially we are always in need, and are looking for sponsors for our new intakes, their initial rescue and recovery and follow up care. Please contact us for helping at the rescue and donations may be made through our Paypal account.

As always we thank you for your support, and looking forward great success stories in 2017.

Round pen

Riding Arena

Mystic and Dixie kicking up the dust in the arena

Our new solid round pen under construction, will be adjacent to the mustang barn for training purposes

Nevada and Levi at the BLM holding facility.

Nevada with his new mom post adoption

Levi with his new mom and dad

Cassanova and Emmett with their new mom Abby

Spirit is in the process of his TIP training, he is much more untrusting and is needing more time to build that trust. progress comes in tiny steps with this boy, he has a pending home.

Spirit in the mustang barn, Teddy is our permanent resident providing some companionship and security to Spirit

Some updates on current horses.

Lacey is one of the adopted mustangs who may be reassigned, she is out for training and on trial with Clayton. J

ack is back under saddle and available for adoption.

Lacey with Clayton

Jack is back under saddle and available for adoption

Jack waiting to be saddled

Our first rescue of 2017 is a sweet Appaloosa we've named Dustin. He needs groceries, and then will be evaluated for training and available for adoption. His winter coat and color hides the fact that he is underweight, but hands on tell a different story, no worries Dustin, you'll get fat and happy this year!

Dustin on arrival

Dustin getting some grazing time in

Dustin having a rest

 Two new permanent additions to the rescue, just here for love and attention, ok we can do that!

These are two senior geldings, Puck and Opie

Katie giving Puck some good grooming

Opie is a handsome fella under all that mane

changes in 2016

Its been a while coming but we are transitioning to a new website.
Please be patient while waiting for this transition to take place, we are still very much up and running though at a slower pace with renovations at the rescue taking more time and funds than expected. Your support as always needed and appreciated greatly.

One of our new ventures is helping some of the many mustangs who are in holding pens with the BLM to find new homes. We are taking in two at a time and gentling them so they can be further trained and adopted into qualified homes. The two pictured below are 6 year old geldings. The adoption fee for one of these gentled horses is $125. All applications and approvals are through the mustang heritage foundation, applications may also be picked up at the rescue.To learn more about the adoption process and how you can adopt please visit the website.

Happy Holidays


As 2015 draws to an end we extend our wishes for a wonderful holiday season and much happiness and success in the New Year.
I want to express my Thanks and appreciation
for your contributions, large and small
encouraging words over this past year.
Our transition has taken much longer than anticipated, but as new ideas and plans are incorporated I am excited to know we can do even more for our deserving horses. 
From Our Barn
Merry Christmas...
Happy New Year!!! 

Spring 2015

Things at Lone Oak are quiet these days with no new horses coming in. We unfortunately are not accepting new horses at this time, instead we are focusing on the development of the ranch, and supporting areas so we can regroup and be able to stay strong and successful in our efforts.

We are busy developing plans, and getting ready with the new projects. Those include moving barns, tack rooms, creating an obstacle course, adding an arena and a new round pen, replacing fencing and putting up new fence. To date we have set up the new round pen and have had the initial prep for the barn pad completed.

The new site of the arena will encompass the areas of the barns and more, in total should be approx. 80 x 120.

The projects are many and we could use help for many things. If you are interested in being a part of our continued success please contact us. We are accepting new members to our board, and need volunteers with construction and electrical experience. General labor is always needed and welcome.
If you are not able to lend a helping hand but want to support our efforts please consider a donation of funds or supplies for our rescue facilities. All donations are tax deductible.

We look forward to seeing the projects completed and our rescue back in full swing!

New hapenings in 2015

New happenings in 2015
With the New Year well underway our plans for the new location have been firmed and are underway. with trial and error in our physical set up, we have discovered the need to relocate key elements of the rescue. This means we are relocating both of our barns to permanent locations and making room for a new arena and two round pens, utilizing our rustic barns for tack rooms and refurbishing our pole barn. As well there will be a volunteers area where we can have refreshments and other formal viewing areas to watch events and horses under training.
To make time and moneys available we have had to halt any incoming horses and all public activities both to ensure public safety and to focus on improvements. If you would like to donate to these vital improvements we would appreciate your support, and remember all donations are tax deductible, donations can be made through our PayPal under the name of Lone Oak Rescue. If you have a skill you would like to share, we are in need of labor help and electrical and pluming work on the new buildings. To date we have relocated the largest of our round pens, and have started the ground work for the largest barns location, falling trees and removing boulders. The pens have found permanent locations, water has been rerouted and permanent single waters are being installed.
We are hoping all will be completed by summer to open back to regular activities and by fall include some public events such as trail challenges and demonstrations.
As always we welcome suggestions, comments and would love to hear from those interested in being a part of our work. If you are interested in office work, helping with adoptions, intakes and placements exercising, evaluating and assisting with training please contact us at We may be a small rescue but we are very proud of our success!

November news

November has come in a hurry and here we are almost at Thanksgiving!
We are happy to say we have had 3 more horses find their forever homes, Misty, Robyn and Chip have gone as a family to a family, Grandma, mom and daughter have all gotten back into personal horses and have chosen these great horses to be a part of their family. We were very happy to have come to know this family and will be watching the progress of the continued progress of these horses.

The rescue has calmed down, and we are taking a much needed deep breath. We are trying to regroup from a physical and financial trying year, and getting ready to move to the next stage of development. Lone Oak will focus on rehabilitation and rescue on a smaller scale and give our most senior horses companionship and love they deserve through our volunteer base and therapeutic riding.The program is still in development and will take time and funds, we are anxious to get our property ready for this exciting future.

Meanwhile we have 4 horses looking for homes and sponsorship for the 12 who will remain here at Lone Oak Rescue. Sponsorship can be as little as $5, every small bit helps be it for a worming medication, a farrier visit, a vaccination or a bag of feed. Donations are easy through our PayPal link for either single or recurring donations. Remember all donations are tax deductible. If you think you would like to be a part of our volunteer team, or are able to sponsor one of our permanent residents be sure to contact us at

October 24 2014

October has come quickly and with it some changes besides the weather!
We are very happy to say that we have had several of our mares go to their new homes.

Seren has been waiting for her forever home, having grown up here at the rescue. She has grown into a beautiful mare and we are happy that she has won Tj's heart even before Tj met her.
Crystal came along with Tj to pick up Seren and looked at our available homrses as well, Crystal chose to give Holly a new home, we are happy to say that Seren and Holly are  going to the same facility, this is great for them since they have spent  numerous years together. Seren and Holly were rescued together and now are placed together.

Gem as well went to her new home where she is being pampered by Stephanie. She is back on the property that originally housed Lone Oak Rescue, though it is her first time there.

Jenny came out to visit us and found her new family horse in Scarlett. Scarlett will join another mare down the road from Jenny and be loved on by many family members. We are happy to say her new mom is spoiling her and already sending in updates!

We love to hear about our past horses and how they are doing, please send picture s or drop a note when you can, we so love to know they are loved and happy!

We still have several horse looking for their new homes, 
They are Chica, Rico, Robyn, Dante, Misty and Angel.

Chica is coming 3 nd is a sweet filly, she has had much ground work started and loves the attention.

Rico continues to rebuild trust and we are happy to say he is finally holding his weight.He is back under saddle, taking baby steps gaining his trust.

Dante has dropped weight with the change in weather so is back on additional supplements to get back those few pounds before the cold sets in. Dante is well broke and needs a small rider experienced with Arabians.

Robyn is our well broke quarter mare who still has more go that Whoa. She is an easy keeper and looking for that energetic rider who can match her energy!.

Misty continues her training, now being ground driven in anticipation of being under saddle. Patricia has made great strides in building trust with this once un handled mare.Misty is an easy keeper and a looker to boot!. Misty needs a person experienced with training to continue her progress.

Angel is still needing lots of attention to build trust and when worried she paces and weaves which makes it very hard to maintain her weight. It is a balance between keeping her moving, yet restricted to keep her weight on. She worries easily and fusses when her pasture mates are changed. Still she is a sweet mare and we are hoping to get her to the point of relaxing so we can easily maintain her feet and weight without the constant battle it is now.

In addition to the horses looking for their new homes we have numerous who will stay with the rescue.
We are always in need of extra hands to help with daily care, grooming exercise and general help. Give us a call or drop a line if you can join our efforts!

September 15 2014

It has been too quiet at the rescue and we are feeling the pinch more than just a little. There is always much attention to when we rescue and the threat of slaughter is imminent but our promise to each of these rescues is a new and a safe life. After recovery and until adoption they still require our time, care and attention all of which costs. We are barely keeping up and need to have help and reduce our horses or we will not be able to continue.

 I have always saved your donations for rescuing vs for help feeding and basic care. I feel responsible for each and every one of these horses but now I must ask for help. It is you, our supporters we are turning to to help us get through this very difficult time. The costs at this time to feed our current adoptable candidates and residents is $1500 a month.

We are starting a hay cube drive with our local feed store to help us through these next few months.

Please help feed the horses by donating through our 
PayPal link or 
or follow the link below
You can find us on both sites under Lone Oak Rescue                     

 Just $10 feeds 5 horses for a day!!!

Our adoption fees are now lowered to $250 on our remaining 8 horses for adoption. The remaining 11 will have a forever home at Lone Oak Rescue
Available for adoption

Seren- a 3 yr old un-broke grade quarter horse filly
 Chip- a green broke arabian gelding, in his early teens
 Chica, a halter broke two yr old filly quarter cross

Holly- a 7 yr old buckskin mare requires restarting
Misty- a 5 yr old grade mare,requires full training

Not pictured,    
Dante, a broke arabian gelding in his mid teens
  Rico- a broke TB gelding in his late teens
 Angel, a pasture pal mare who cannot be ridden

July 1,2014

Lone Oak Rescue is a small but successful rescue, we have been in operation since 2007 and been
a 501c3 non-profit since 2009. We have rescued and placed over 100 horses with just a small handful of volunteers and supporters. Our focus now is on maintaining the rescue and planning for the future to remain viable. The drought has had a huge impact on us, our pastures are spent and adoptions are down dramatically. Of our 19 current residents we will provide forever homes for the most senior horses, but we still need to place 5.
I have always spoke on behalf of the rescue and our volunteers and our group efforts for the horses overall benefit, but now I am speaking from a personal note. I am not good at asking for help, I have always seen the rescue as my responsibility and always will. I am currently providing the bulk of the care and costs for the rescues 19 horses but am at the point where I can no longer do it alone. No one receives any compensation for helping the rescue . No donations pay for power, rent, any items or ranch supplies, all donations go to help the horses. Our biggest issue today is feed. The current costs of the feed alone is $1100/month. I am asking for your support.
You can help with a monthly donation of $10-$25 or help sponsor a horse for $60 a month. Donations can be set up through Palpal, or through the mail or in person.
Watch for more information on our ongoing work with the horses and what your donations are helping us to accomplish. Our next volunteer day is September 13, We need your help, please contact me with any questions, to volunteer or to join our efforts behind the scenes.
                                          Pastures at Lone Oak .... bare.

New Directions

Many of you know Lone Oak Rescue and myself personally, we are a small private non-profit rescue. We have been in operation for the past 6 years helping horses. The rescue's success is a result of a handful of people who help me care for the numerous horses that have come through our gates. This is not only the home for the rescue but for myself and my son and grandchildren as well. I have been juggling obligations between my family and the rescue for 3 years now with the last year being a very difficult one. Current  drought conditions and very few donations coupled with the many horses in need has been difficult.
At this time we are discussing the rescues future and the direction we are heading to ensure we can continue to help horses in need. We have a great deal of interest from the community and the young people interested in both helping the horses in need and learning  and developing their skills to become knowledgeable and responsible horse owners. We have always planned on having a riding program bringing horses and children of all ages and abilities together and bringing the local riders together in various programs,  so that is the direction we are going to head. Once the programs are set up then we will bring in new rescues in smaller numbers.
The rescue has the room and ability to meet the needs of a therapeutic program, to develop programs to work with the local 4H children, and design and development for trail training and  challenge course for adult riders. All of this of course will take time and money and a great deal of work. 
As many of you know the ranch I moved the rescue to in 2012 was in great need of repair and cleanup. Though much has been accomplished there is still much to do before we can institute a new program here.  I look forward to us becoming more involved with the community and being able to focus on education of riders and horses vs projects and know that day will come, though not soon enough. Time and physical and financial constraints dictate the need to reduce our numbers and focus on restructuring to meet the future plans. We still have 18 horses here, of which we will keep 8-10 horses, those who are senior, special needs and suitable for therapy. We will place the remaining. In assisting those efforts and in consideration of the market and the cost of hay, our adoption fees are reduced to minimal and in some cases waived. Finding the right home for the horses is the most important thing to us. We have numerous riding horses as well as those who need training and light riding, pasture pals. All are sound and healthy. Foster arrangements and trial periods are encouraged to ensure the horse is a good match. We need to place these horses as quickly as possible so we can focus on development over the summer.  If you are interested in being a part of our efforts, can help with donations of funds, time, labor, materials or by providing a home for a horse in need please contact us.

Welcome Spring 2014

This year has already brought us a great start with adoption and horses out on trial, with signs towards permanent placement. We have had horses return to us due to situation changes with their previous adopters and are happy to say 3 of the 4 quickly found new homes. Along with Gypsy, Jesse and Tessa, Willow went to her potential new home. We are hopeful all have found their final homes.

We have had several new horses come in, and they will soon be available, watch our Facebook page for frequent updates on each of the horses.

Rico is a large quarter horse gelding in his teens, he will need to gain weight before he can go out to his home.

Nika is a Morgan quarter cross, she is well broke, she was used as a lesson horse before she was abandoned at the barn by her last owner, she needs to be caught up on routine care then will be up for adoption.

Scarolette is a sweet mare in her late teens, she is gentle and broke to ride, she is underweight and will need to gain weight before being up for adoption.

Chip is a young Arabian gelding who was abandoned in the Bay area, he was placed with us through the local animal control agency, he is very gentle and broke to ride, but needs a refresher, we expect it has been some time since he was last rode, or perhaps never introduced to a bit.

Several horses are not new to the rescue but are still waiting for their forever homes are

Dante, a bay Arabian gelding, he is broke to ride.
Gem, a bay quarter horse mare, she is broke to ride.
Chica, a small sorrel quarter/freisen filly,she is halter broke.
Angel, a bay quarter horse mare, she is broke to ride.
Misty, a dappled grey grade mare, she needs further training.
Holly, a buckskin quarter horse mare, she needs to be restarted.
Seren, a large 3 yr old bay filly, she needs further training.

All of these horses are different in their abilities, training, size, personalities and temperaments. They are all in need of permanent homes, We invite you to contact us and come visit us to see if one of these are the right fit for your next horse.

Our volunteer days are starting back up on a regular basis you can come out and help. if you need community service horses taken care of we can do that too!. we always have a variety of tasks from projects to mucking stalls, grooming and exercising horses. In addition to the horses above we have 7 permanent residents who love attention. Watch our Facebook page for frequent updates on upcoming days and events.

Thank you to our supporters for sponsoring new rescues, fostering horses, and volunteering your time and energy to the rescue, our continued success  is thanks to you.

Happy Holidays to all !!!


Happy Holidays!!!


Lone Oak Rescue

This past year has been a busy one for the rescue, full of success and challenges and 2014 looks to bring more of the same. We have been busy working with new and old project horses, most of which have found new homes with wonderful owners.

We will be focused on the continued efforts at our permanent location to improve our facilities and general grounds. We still have many projects to go, but there has been a lot accomplished.

One of our new goals for 2014 will be the development of a training course in which we can introduce our horses to every day obsticles, desensitizing to common barn and trail obsticles and creating the bond of trust between horse and rider. It is our hope that once completed we can work in partnership with local horse owners, and trainers,
 opening the trail course both for fun and education in efforts to raise funds for the continued operation of the rescue.

We do still have horses in need of homes. we will remain focused on their training and placement before taking on new projects. It is our hope that with more intense focus and training with these individual horses that they will find their new homes in the uncoming months.

We have Misty, a dappled grey mare rescued from the Nevada feedlots. She came to us wild, untouched and afraid of people. Since then she has learned basic ground manners, standing for the farrier and loading in a trailer, and most recently accepting a saddle. This mare still has trust to be earned and is a project for a trainer, but she is making progress.

Holly is a buckskin mare who came back to us after not able to bond with her male adopter. Her trust issues are being worked through and she too is back accepting a saddle. Holly needs to continue her training with a professional trainer.

Dante returned to us at our request, he was surrendered after it was discovered he was not recieving adequate care. He has since regained his weight and ready to begin a new life with an approved adopter.

Chica is a quarter cross sorrel filly coming 2 in the spring of 2014. She is a fast one with a floaty gait and would be a great project for someone looking for a barrel horse. She has had basic ground work and desensitizing started but still needs full training.

Angel was rescued from the local SPCA. due to lack of mobility and farrier care she has a curve in both cannon bones and we do not feel she will stay sound if used for riding. Angel is available as a pasture pal and her adoption fee is waived to an approved home.

below are a few of our available horses

We are looking forward to another successful year of helping horses but cannot do it without your support. If you would like to be a part of our efforts please contact us.

 We are so happy to be a part of our local community and have met so many wonderful horse people, we look forward to involving more community members and developing programs teaching horsemanship to our young supporters through our local 4H leaders.

We thank our supporters near and far and hope to see you in the New Year!!

Wishing a
 Merry Christmas
 and a
Happy New Year
 to all!!!

Summer days- August 22, 2013

It has been a while since my last update, as it has been a busy summer for us here at Lone Oak Rescue.
In the past three plus months we have placed numerous horses, though only taken in three rescues. This is due to myself being involved in a serious auto accident, thus limiting me physically and financially.We did have 3 abandoned donkeys come into our care, and of them two are in great foster homes.We fully expect Harriet to be adopted by Julie as a companion to their other donkey Gordo. Riz is being fostered by one of our board members Mary. The eldest, who we believed to be their mother, was loved on and spoiled in her final weeks here, then Sadie passed into Heavens pastures. In her short time here she won our hearts.

In our spring posting we had 18 horses still looking for homes, of those we are very happy to say, only four remain.
Mi Carina, Tessa, Asia, and Jessie all had their ground lessons and introduced to saddles before leaving the rescue, and all are now under saddle, We are especially proud of Asia, Mi Carina and Tessa as they were all young untouched horses rescued from the Fallon feedlot.

Jessie was an auction rescue, as a fresh 2 year old stud he was not wanted so for $35 we rescued him. He was gelded and brought to a health weight and flourished under training.

Dante was a neglected and underweight stud at the sale yard where he was even hidden from public view. No one bid on him except us, and then he too came to a safe place. Dante was brought back to a beautiful state of health by his foster mom Linda, and he has since found a local forever home.

Gypsy and Robin were placed together adopted by a local mom and daughter, Lisa and Bre.

Lightening too now has her own person. Sarah has made great strides with her training and expects her to be under saddle soon.

Ginger too found her new home and was adopted to a local home.

Mia and Macy found their permanent home together along with Sophia. All were fostered here by Allison while she and her family searched for and purchased their new home. They finally all relocated together from southern California to Washington state, with a pick up here of their three new family members. We know they are all loved and will be spoiled by Allison and her family.

Choctaw found a new home were he joined a pretty mare as a pasture mate, he is very loved on and spoiled by his new mom Kristen and her family.

Lady and Seren  are being fostered by Kelly and her family who also adopted Jessie and Tessa.

Holly has come back to us as she and Chris did not bond even after several months of trying. She was well cared for and expect she may have suffered abuse by a man prior to coming to us as she is much more relaxed with female handlers. We are hopeful Lady is a good match for Chris and know both she and Seren will have a great start under his hand if they continue to foster. Updates to follow.

Of our remaining horses for adoption we have four, they all are at different stages of training, and are being worked with to continue their progress.

Gem is a small quarter horse mare, very friendly and loves children, she is broke to ride.

Willow has had a great start and expect her to be back in training with Patricia and started under saddle. She is a small mare, and would be a great youth prospect.

Holly has been back only a short time and we are starting again with basics to build trust so she is able to get past general fears and giving her as much time as she needs, she is best suited for a female adopter.

Misty is no longer the frightened wild mare she came to us as. She is under halter, learning the basics to ground training and desensitizing. Misty at this point need an experienced owner and trainer.

On a personal note I have to give great thanks to Patricia and Mary for their work over these past months to get these horses ready for adoption, and enabled them to find new homes. I could not do this without you. To my son Christian who has had to take over the physical feeding and cleaning since my injury and surgery, your daily efforts literally keep this rescue alive. To our supporters, volunteers and donors, thank you because without you too this rescue could not exists.
As owners we have a responsibility to care for the animals we bring into our lives. Our horses depend on us and we owe it to them to give them the best quality of life possible. This does not mean fancy barns and such, it means a safe loving, home that provides adequate shelter, food, veterinary and farrier care to maintain their best state of health possible. The trust and faith they put in us their owners should not be broken, yet too often it is. It is a hard thing to see an animal suffer and it is by choice that we as members of this rescue come into their lives to better it, and often to literally save it.
If you as an owner, know that you for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to do right by your animals, please contact an agency, a rescue and ask for help. Ensure they can and will provide that safe, healthy, loving environment  that your animal deserves. Ask questions, check their history, visit your animal and ensure they remain safe, if you have doubts, or are refused information go elsewhere.

Our rescue has an open door policy, you are welcome to come visit, volunteer and encourage you to do so with any rescue asking for your support.
Our remaining summer and early fall months are expected to be quiet as I have still to recover from my injuries, but we will be back at the sale yards and bringing in horses in need as soon as we are able.
As always, my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude for your support of  Lone Oak Rescue.

Spring 2013

These past few months have flown by and here we are about to be in May. There has been much progress on cleaning up the property and plans are in the works for additional round pens and arenas. Time and money are always in short supply so progress is slow, but it is there. This progress with the ranch is largely due to the hours of work dedicated to the rescue by my children Christian and Elisa, and progress with the horses in training is thanks to Patricia and Mary. I am so glad they have come on board and joined our rescue as board members.

None of our work could be accomplished without the support of volunteers and donations. Thank you to our local volunteers and students from the FFA, 4H and Fresno State who continue to work with Patricia and Mary with the horses.

I especially want to thank our financial supporters, who's support is greatly needed and appreciated, in particular Marsha G and Shawn E for your very generous support. Thanks to Marsha we have had numerous horses rescued from auction and thanks to Shawn whos donation has covered all spring vaccinations, worming and farrier care.

There have been numerous horses come and go since we relocated, since January we have rescued  more horses, and adopted out as well.
The latest new horses to the rescue are Gem and Sophia, both have recovered and are available for adoption. Robyn was a local surrender who has an adoption pending on her.

Of our previous rescues we are happy to report many have found new homes.
Spirit has been adopted to a local home and is undergoing training, as has Ginger.
Chance came in with his mother Promise, who has passed into greener pastures. Chance was adopted to a local home where he is loved and spoiled.
Sarge was quickly adopted as well and Adonis will have a permenant home here at the rescue.
Jake and Rita have found their new home in a wonderful santuary here in California.
Jackson and Colton have been donated to a non-profit youth program which will be introducing inner city youth to the wonderful world of horses where they will focus on western riding.
Pending adoptions include Choctaw,and Robyn.
Lightening and Holly adoption did not go through and they have returned to the rescue

We still have much work to be done before we find ourselves back in the wet fall/winter rains. The winter months are the hardest on those horses at risk and we need to work now towards preparing for the infux of horses in need. That means needing to place as many horses as possible and make overdue repairs and improvements to the pastures, pens and shelters in preperation. If you have time and experience in these type of projects please contact us, we need your help.

We currently have 18 horses who are in need of new homes, 2 whom have adoptions pending.
If you think you may be interested in adopting any of our horses they can be viewed under our available horses on the website or through contacting us to set up a viewing.
available horses at this time include
Mia,- a 6y/o TB mare -under saddle
Macy, -a 3 yr old TB mare -under halter
Jessie, - a 3 yr old paint gelding -under saddle
Tessa, - a appaloosa pony mare -under ground/pack training
Gypsy, - a paint/appaloosa mare, broke to ride- needs a refresher
Willow,- a 3 year old paint,smaller mare, -being ground driven
Sophie- a tall TB mare OTT,- broke to ride western
Dante- a newly gelded arabian, broke to ride, -needs refresher
Gem- a small QH mare, broke to ride, -needs fresher
Mi Carina- a steel grey pony mare,under halter- needs full training
Lady- a grade mare, broke to ride, -needs a refresher
Seren- a 2 yr old grade filly, -needs full training including halter
Asia- a 3 yr old mare, fallon feedlot rescue, -needs full training
Lightening- a 3 yr old red roan QH type mare, -needs full training
Holly - a young buckskin QH type mare, -needs full training
Misty -a fallon feedlot rescue mare, dappled grey, needs full training
If you are interested in any of our available horses please contact us for more information. For adoption, sponsorship or if interested in providing off site housing or training to a horse in need please contact us and don't forget to follow us on facebook.

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years to everyone!! I am excited to get 2013 underway!! This has been a busy Holiday Season, I can't beleive it's already January 2nd !! I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the many people who have helped us since moving to the new location. Thank you to the freepacker members, Dave and Karen, Gary and Ann, Brenda, Mary and Joyce for your Christmas donations to the rescue. To Marsha and the other individuals who have donated to our auction rescues and their care afterwords, thank you, you make it possible to continue our efforts. To Kayleen and Katrina for providing a home for Splash and still making time to come help at the rescue. To Linda for your time donated to the rescue, transporting horses and for opening your heart and home in sponsoring Dante. To Mary for donating your time and efforts to work with the horses so they can find new homes. To Alex for your generous donations of time and items and providing a home for Jester and James. To Terry for your help transporting and promoting the rescue. A huge thanks to Patricia who in a short period of time has dedicated many hours in the care and training of the horses at the rescue and for the dedication in sponsoring Colton and aiding his recovery. I am sure there are names I have missed, forgive me... I am so impressed with the wonderful individuals I have met in this past year and I am proud to be a part of the local equine community. I look forward to a great 2013 and celebrating our many equine success stories to come! If you would like to be a part of our success in helping these great horses into new homes please contact me, hope to see you in 2013!!!

December rescues

December rains have started and added to the list of the many things to do. Our barns are full and when the weather is clear there are many horses being worked. Our latest rescues are from the auction. Being there and seeing the many horses in need of loving responsible homes makes us drive on harder to try and do more.
Our need for supporters is greater than ever, this holiday please remember your local animals in need.
We are currently looking for sponsor homes as well as volunteers, with many of our horses stalled we also need local help for daily care.
Please visit us on Facebook for frequent updates on our current horses and newest intakes.
below are several of the horses currently at the rescue and in need of new homes.

November 10 2012

The days have flown by quickly, and though there is still much to be done, there has been much progress with settling into our new home. We have our 2 barns up and we have now several large pens to separate horses into.A special thank you to my son Christian and daughter Elisa for their efforts in assembling of our barns and pens. Our round pen is being used well by our newest board member Patricia Vallentyne who stays busy training several of our horses. We are in process of setting up a larger arena in which to continue training and exercise those under saddle.
We have several adoptions that have taken place since coming to our new home, they are JD, Whiskey, Grace, Jester, Ray and Kay and we have pending adoptions with Splash, Lightening, and Holly. Colton is currently being sponsored off site by Patricia. Of our latest rescue horses we are happy to provide a forever home to Spirit and Jackson, they will join Mahogany, Rio and Tina in permanent placement here at Lone Oak. As mentioned Patricia is busy training horses, those horses currently in training include Jessie, Willow, Choctaw, Lady, Mia and Macy.
Our new location means new challenges and opportunity alike. We are in need of more hands to help with the many duties of running the rescue and the ideas for expansion and community involvement are many. We have a need for additional hands to work with our many horses that need training. If you are an experienced horse person and interested in assisting Patricia with horse evaluation and training please email us with your information. We would like 2 more persons to work with Patricia in preparing horses for adoption. As well we are looking for several individuals to assist in management of key areas of the rescue, including, volunteer recruitment and management; site development and management; public awareness and fundraising management. These individuals will be responsible for planning and general operation within their areas. If you are interested in becoming a key member in our rescue or simply want to help with daily care including cleaning, feeding, grooming and exercising horses, please contact us. If you are local you are welcome to make an appointment to come out and discuss your ideas and availability.
Being new in the area, many do not know we are here, so we need to spread the word! I am looking forward to meeting members of the local Back Country Horseman’s Association and sharing our rescue mission and hope to raise awareness and invite others to join our rescue efforts. If you know of a group who would like to know more about us or would like to be involved with the rescue please let us know, we can arrange a presentation or a visit. We are always looking for opportunity to share the rescue mission and encourage others to be involved.
As with many non-profits this is a difficult time and we are in great need of donations, if you are able please consider a single or small monthly donation, even small amounts help. We currently provide care for 22 horses, and donations of hay or feed are greatly needed. We are also happy to accept any donation of horse or non-horse items as well, as we will soon be opening our own eBay store to help raise funds for the rescue.
Our efforts together add up to helping these horses into a safe and loving homes, our rescue is 100% volunteer run by people who want to make a difference. To our newest helpers Patricia, Kayleen and Bree thank you for being a part of our success.