Our Mission is to help find homes for the thousands of mustangs that are in holding, awaiting their own person. Our goal is to introduce the mustangs to the domestic life and begin to gentle the horse through natural horsemanship. We establish trust and  start building the relationship with humans so that they may go onto learn a variety of disciplines. Once gentled and meeting basic requirements, they are placed into approved homes.


Lone Oak Mustangs was born out of a small successful  horse rescue named Lone Oak Rescue. It was a charitable non-profit organization which began in 2006 and dissolved in 2018.

Today the focus is on the American Mustang. We are privately funded and operate on a small scale, selecting and gentling a few mustangs at a time. Our mustangs are primarily brought in wild and unhandled from the Bureau of Land Managements holding facilities in northern and southern California. Through the BLM programs and in cooperation with the Mustang Heritage Foundation we bring in 2-4 mustangs at a time, gentle them, and help find them permanent homes. We are situated on 60 acres nestled in the foothills of Yosemite.


  • We work with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) bringing mustangs from the two California holding facilities into our private facilities where they are gentled. Gentling entails gaining the horses trust with people, where they are accepting general handling and ground work is established. This at minimum means catching, haltering, leading, grooming, handling all 4 feet for farrier work and loading and unloading in a trailer. Following gentling we help locate adopters who are screened and approved through the BLM.

The Gentling process in Pictures....

Our Mustangs are gentled through natural horsemanship techniques. For more information or to visit the ranch please feel free to contact us.